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A transmission path for the communication of signals and data from a communications satellite or other space vehicle to the earth and back.

down′link′ v.


the link from a satellite to an earth station



a transmission path for data or other signals from a communications satellite to earth.
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have joined hands to develop a free-space optical communications system for safe data downlinks from satellites to a patented ground network at faster speeds than equivalent radio frequency solutions.
The company downlinks satellite source feeds and encodes them to streaming formats compatible with common Internet-connected devices.
The next phase of the project will include the launch of a new service, Downlinks on Demand.
The playback command plays back and downlinks all the recorded data on the tape, then erases the tape.
Live interactive class sessions offered by the Plastics Learning Network are now available via 18 satellite downlinks to students in six states (Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Wisconsin).
These satellites' main earthbound signals, called downlinks, are just above 1621 MHz.
Initially, we anticipated that our downlinks would be limited to Georgia and the southeastern U.
Further, iBurst base stations will provide downlinks of up to 32Mbps on a 5MHz band, or 64Mbps at 10MHz, and will support a new frequency of 700MHz.
The EchoStar contribution deal includes full-time downlinks of the channels as well as operation of a multiplex system at Arqiva's Chalfont (UK) Teleport, before being sent by fibre to EchoStar's teleports.
The LTE devices to be used in the pre-launch operation are equipped for theoretical speeds of 100 Mbps downlinks and 50 Mbps uplinks.
The N902iX is able to achieve packet downlinks of up to 3.
Diversity advanced receiver as a preferred approach for high rate downlinks