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A downward course; a decline: "a growing concern ... about whether the economy could be headed for a downslide" (Andrée Brooks).


a downward trend; decline



a decline, as in stock prices.
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A usually swift downward trend, as in prices:
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Shakoor said giving universities under full control of a chief minister would be a sure recipe of their downslide.
That downslide was finally nipped and the win has now given them a glimmer of hope of making the Playoffs.
In his farewell speech on Tuesday, Babar had warned against what he said 'judicialisation of politics and politicisation of the judiciary', the 'state within state' and the utter helplessness of parliament to arrest the downslide.
The persistent downslide forced the rupee to shed 25 paisa more on Friday, pushing it to the week's lowest level at Rs138.
Amid continuous downslide popularity over the past few years, the by-poll offered an opportunity for the CPI-M, which contested the seat for the first time as the Left Front, during its 34 year rule, had fielded candidates of the Biplobi Bangla Congress.
Registrations for diesel cars saw a downslide in May falling by a significant 20%, showing that consumers are gradually turning away from this option in the light of talks about scrappage schemes, clean air zones and toxin taxation.
It is not a dramatic slip, but a downslide nevertheless.
I know my career's on the downslide but I'll keep going until my legs fall off.
Any domestic downslide will find support at 36,483.
It has miserably failed in arresting the alarming downslide of agriculture sector, the growing frustration of government employees and wage earners and in tackling environmental degradation and climate change that are intricately linked to economic development, he quoted the former President as saying.
out of the amount we saved or we earned through this crude oil downslide, we have passed on 50 per cent to the consumer.
TEHRAN (FNA)- South Korea's reliance on Middle Eastern crudes fell in 2015 because refiners turned to Russian and Mexican cargoes that were plentiful, as an anticipated rise in purchases from Iran may halt the downslide this year, according to an analytic report.