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A vertical pipe for carrying rainwater down from a roof gutter.


(Building) US and Canadian a pipe for carrying rainwater from a roof gutter to the ground or to a drain. Also called: drainpipe or downpipe (in Britain and certain other countries)



a vertical pipe for conveying rainwater from a roof or gutter to the ground or to a drain; leader.
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Rain gutters (to fit your chicken coop) * Gutter downspouts (2 or 3 according to coop roof style--shed or gable) * Gutter pipes (lengths to fit, from coop to top filler hole of barrel) * Screen (to cover the top filler hole of water tank) * Roofing screws * Pipe thread tape * Water tank (size to fit top of tank under roof of coop, but 10 inches higher than floor of coop if possible; bottom drain hole must be sized to fit 3/4-inch PVC from standard pipe threads) * Water tank stand (for positioning tank at side of elevated coop or alongside barn) TOOLS * Drill/screw gun (I like cordless.
Downspout flooding occurs because the soil can only accept so much water before it becomes saturated and the rate of absorption slows to almost zero.
My guess is that the overflow at the corner of the roof where the downspout is may be caused by the fact that the downspout froze up during the extended cold period.
Slope the gutters toward the downspout for drainage.
Get rectangular ones if you can--they will fit up against the wall behind your downspout a little better than round ones.
com), recently developed a novel solution for homeowners who suffer foundation flooding from gutters and downspouts.
The goal of the downspout disconnection program is to achieve greater than 90 percent separation - a degree not possible through sewer separation alone.
Adding a rope does restrict water flow, so this may not be the best option if your gutter is prone to overflowing or if your downspout is easily clogged with twigs and leaves.
You can put rainwater to work irrigating garden beds with a super-simple downspout irrigation system.
I then routed the downspout to the debris deflector and cut the end of the downspout to match the slope of the screens.
Even if your downspout empties onto your lawn, redirecting it into a "bog" or wetland garden is an effective water conservation method and an alternative to a rain barrel as a way to capture rainwater for your garden.