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1. A decrease, especially a small or incremental one.
2. A transaction in a stock market security below the price of the previous transaction.


1. a small and sometimes incremental decrease
2. a decrease in the price of a stock transaction compared to the price of the previous transaction of the same stock



a slight decline, as in a stock price. Compare uptick.
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Noun1.downtick - a transaction in the stock market at a price below the price of the preceding transaction
transaction, dealing, dealings - the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities); "no transactions are possible without him"; "he has always been honest is his dealings with me"
uptick - a transaction in the stock market at a price above the price of the preceding transaction
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It indicates downtick in net domestic assets (NDA) and net foreign assets (NFA) of the banking system during the period under consideration.
4 billion, the State Bank of Pakistan reported on Monday, although the month of January saw a small downtick from December.
market still had some way to go and the downtick is likely to continue affecting most equity markets including the KOSPI.
The downtick in spreads on fresh disbursements is attributable to a higher fund cost as cost of fresh deposits was up 12bps MoM against a 6bps MoM improvement in yield on fresh lending.
If courts would simply adopt this common-sense position, we may finally see a downtick in questionable enforcement actions and plaintiff class-action lawsuits.
As expected, the result has been a severe downtick in the value of the social cost of carbon.
On the price front, October's survey recorded a downtick in both input and output price inflation.
Despite the slight downtick in confidence, consumers' assessment of current conditions remains quite favorable and their expectations for the short-term suggest the economy will continue expanding at its current pace," Franco added.
Generators themselves are also, of course, increasingly connected in parallel - allowing large numbers of modestly powered models to collectively provide all the necessary for large projects sites - but with the ability to vary, or downtick, the output at any time.
For the PNC, its crime-fighting partners in the military, and the Sanchez Ceren administration, the downtick in murder numbers is proof positive that their mano dura (iron fist) practices are working.
Although satisfaction recovered this year from a downtick in 2016, the current 47% is on par with where it has been for the past 12 years.
aspx) Gallup Poll taken during the same time period, Trump showed a downtick from last week, receiving a 37 percent approval and 58 percent disapproval rating.