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A downward trend; a downturn.

down′trend′ v.


(Economics) another word for downturn



a downward or declining tendency.
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A usually swift downward trend, as in prices:


[ˈdaʊnˌtrend] N (Econ) → tendencia f a la baja
in or on a downtrenden baja
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If the news is a negative surprise, the downtrend could resume at higher velocity.
08) of the prior downtrend off the October peak was also reached.
The rupee downtrend persisted on Wednesday pushing the dollar to its highest level at Rs110.
That this move enabled the firm to beat average industry utilization rates and enjoy the global downtrend in coal prices.
The World Bank attributed the downtrend to favorable supply conditions.
Further, since price of Diesel in international market has also shown a downtrend, the selling price of Diesel sold to bulk consumers (Bulk HSD) shall reduce by Rs 0.
Such a move also begins the process of the index moving up and away from its long-term downtrend line.
However, we can state the end of downward movement and a trend reversal only when the shares reach the upper end of the downtrend, shown with the red line in chart 1.
The number of agents has been on a downtrend from the peak of 266,951 in 2002 to 183,512 at the end of 2011, primarily due to a low interest environment making insurance sales difficult and hence forcing agents to quit.
The Nikkei index ended at a seven-and-a-half-month high Thursday, as the yen's downtrend continued to fan hopes of improvement in the earnings of Japanese corporations.
Summary: DUBAI -- A plunge in Dubai stocks this week underlined the risks behind the Gulf's equity market rallies, although most analysts do not think Dubai's drop marks the start of any extended downtrend.
Moreover the MACD has taken to a downtrend and has now generated a sell signal.