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Oppressed; tyrannized.


(ˈdaʊnˌtrɒdən) or


1. subjugated; oppressed
2. trodden down; trampled


(ˈdaʊnˌtrɒd n)

also down′trod`,

tyrannized; oppressed.
down′trod`den•ness, n.
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Adj.1.downtrodden - abused or oppressed by people in power
unfortunate - not favored by fortune; marked or accompanied by or resulting in ill fortune; "an unfortunate turn of events"; "an unfortunate decision"; "unfortunate investments"; "an unfortunate night for all concerned"


adjective oppressed, abused, exploited, subservient, subjugated, tyrannized at the expense of the downtrodden masses


[ˈdaʊnˌtrɒdn] ADJ [person] → oprimido, pisoteado


[ˌdaʊnˈtrɒdən] adj [person] → opprimé(e)


[ˈdaʊnˌtrɒdn] adjoppresso/a
References in classic literature ?
To wit, that this dreadful matter brought from these downtrodden people no outburst of rage against these oppressors.
exclaimed the Distressed One at this, "may all the stars of the celestial regions look down upon your greatness with benign eyes, valiant knight, and shed every prosperity and valour upon your heart, that it may be the shield and safeguard of the abused and downtrodden race of duennas, detested by apothecaries, sneered at by squires, and made game of by pages.
A poor, degraded, downtrodden, ignorant, superstitious people, they were; accustomed for generations to the heel of first one invader and then another and in the interims, when there were any, the heels of their feudal lords and their rapacious monarchs.
He said Asma Jahangir was the voice of the oppressed and the downtrodden.
Asma Jehangir defended the rights of the voiceless, the poor, the downtrodden and dispossessed and spoke out for the victims of violence and against discrimination on the basis of gender and religion,' said the unanimously passed resolution.
Airtel Touching Lives, which is aimed at promoting the culture of giving among Nigerians, seeks to uplift the downtrodden and offer useful support to less privileged people across the country.
He wrote many books and articles to redefine the Sindhi literature, besides his services in the fields of education and political awareness of the downtrodden people of Sindh could never be forgotten.
Addressing the function, Malik Nadeem Kamran said that in the light of the vision of Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, making poor and downtrodden people self-reliant is top priority of Zakat and Ushr Department and all energies and resources are being utilized for this purpose.
It is time for all of you (poor and downtrodden people) to unite behind us and ensure Janata Parivar's victory in the crucial assembly polls later this year to stop BJP's juggernaut in Bihar," he said at Prajapati Samaj Chetna rally at the Gandhi Maidan.
The BSP leader accused Kejriwal, the P convener and Delhi CM, of conspiring to prove that the Dalits and downtrodden people of the country are also the common man.
On a recent mission to Redditch I collapsed onto a bench occupied by three of the downtrodden.
Summary: Emirates Future International Academy received the Nelson Mandela Award for "The Best Participating School" for the Community Service Campaign conducted by the Nahtam Social Responsibility -- the voluntary organisation doing yeomen service to the downtrodden in the UAE.