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n. pl. dox·ies Archaic
1. A female lover; a mistress.
a. A woman prostitute.
b. A woman who is regarded as sexually promiscuous.

[Perhaps from obsolete Dutch docke, doll.]


(ˈdɒksɪ) or


n, pl doxies
(Theology) opinion or doctrine, esp concerning religious matters
[C18: independent use of -doxy as in orthodoxy, heterodoxy]


n, pl doxies
archaic slang a prostitute or mistress
[C16: probably from Middle Flemish docke doll; compare Middle Dutch docke doll]


(ˈdɒk si)

n., pl. dox•ies.
1. a mistress.
2. a prostitute.
[1520–30; of obscure orig.]


- Can mean "mistress, sweetheart."
See also related terms for mistress.
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Noun1.doxy - a woman who cohabits with an important mandoxy - a woman who cohabits with an important man
kept woman, mistress, fancy woman - an adulterous woman; a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a man
odalisque - a woman slave in a harem
References in classic literature ?
The worthy carrier, whose unholy thoughts kept him awake, was aware of his doxy the moment she entered the door, and was listening attentively to all Don Quixote said; and jealous that the Asturian should have broken her word with him for another, drew nearer to Don Quixote's bed and stood still to see what would come of this talk which he could not understand; but when he perceived the wench struggling to get free and Don Quixote striving to hold her, not relishing the joke he raised his arm and delivered such a terrible cuff on the lank jaws of the amorous knight that be bathed all his mouth in blood, and not content with this he mounted on his ribs and with his feet tramped all over them at a pace rather smarter than a trot.
And so it is with me, bully boy, saving that my doxy cometh not.
Tenders are invited for Supply of medicines:Inj Ciprofloxacine 100 ml,Inj Monocef 1 gm,Inj Penidure 12 LA,Cap Megapen 500,Cap Doxy 100
The Shanty Stage (Baltic Fleet pub in the evening) Gouda Viswjvenkoor, Trim Rig & Doxy, 2sheets2thewind, Risor Shantykor, Eight Belles, 2 Anchors, Ashore For a Loaf, Five Men Not Called Matt, Rapsquillion, Pete Truin & Anna Cornish, Geoff Higginbottom, Les Sullivan, Liverpool Shanty Kings, Marrowbones, Caffrey McGurk Madge, The Old Gaffers, The Shanty Crew and Yesterday's Men.
10pm, Small Seeds, Huddersfield), Gaynor Michaels (St Pat's Catholic Club, Hudders-field), Lost Meridian (Barge, Brighouse) Klonk pic | TOMORROW: Zealous Doxy (2pm, Vinyl Tap, Huddersfield), Kirklees Youth Brass Band (2pm, Greenhead Park, Hudders-field), Cleckheaton Folk Festival (All day, various venues) Gramercy Park (7pm, Parish, Huddersfield), Bash the Bishop (9.
Doxy cycline hyclate tolerability and compliance as daily oral malaria prophylaxis in field conditions: experience of the 10th Mountain Division (LI), OEF VII [abstract].
There were some familiar faces among the teams, like Barclays Doxy and Bell Trucks, while the organisers were happy to see teams from Nifco, Thistle Hotel, Healthy High Street Stockton and RPD Builders taking part.
He describes the standard 'free trade versus protection' dichotomy as an example of what Bordieu terms doxy or doxa, a conservative terrain of debate that pushes more important concerns from sight.
Such naming units were formed for women as strange woman, public woman, street-walker, polecat, walk-street, night-shade, hackney-woman, fling-dust, night-trader, hackney-wench, hell-moth, public commoner, night-worm, Winchester goose, stewed strumpet, laced mutton, wagtail, huckster, twigger, waistcoateer, martail, occupant, community, doxy, harlotry and, for men, love-boy and ganymedean.
Aurelia ultimately performs a stint as the doxy (or personal whore) of Lactantio's servant Dondolo, who has also run away to the gypsies, before her return to court.
With a purpose of doing theology and ministry that is "faithful to both the biblical text and the missional task" (11), Tyra warns traditional evangelicals and those of the so-called missional and emerging churches not to fall into the temptation of overreaction and overcorrection; instead, he challenges all three groups to avoid competing with one another but to be united in their commitment to forging a missional ortho doxy.