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doze 1

v. dozed, doz·ing, doz·es
To sleep lightly and intermittently.
To spend (time) dozing or as if dozing: dozed the summer away.
A short, light sleep.
Phrasal Verb:
doze off
To fall into a light sleep.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

doz′er n.

doze 2

intr. & tr.v. dozed, doz·ing, doz·es
To use a bulldozer; bulldoze.


(Automotive Engineering) chiefly US short for bulldozer


(ˈdoʊ zər)

a person who naps.
[1700–10; doze1 + -er1]


(ˈdoʊ zər)

n. Informal.
[by shortening]
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Noun1.dozer - large powerful tractordozer - large powerful tractor; a large blade in front flattens areas of ground
angledozer - a bulldozer with an angled moldboard to push earth to one side
tractor - a wheeled vehicle with large wheels; used in farming and other applications
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It features an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final certified engine that produces more than 20% more horsepower while the dozer is traveling in the reverse direction.
The Caterpillar brand has been associated worldwide throughout its long and illustrious history with the dozer, and the Cat stable still has some of the best dozers that money can buy.
Komatsu recently introduced the D375A-8 crawler dozer, which features an EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine that produces more than 20% more horsepower while the dozer is traveling in the reverse direction.
With the 450K, we focused on proven K-Series durability and fuel-saving technologies, and we updated the 550K and 650K models to offer enhanced reliability and serviceability upgrades to improve customers' operating costs," said Nathan Horstman, crawler dozer product marketing manager.
Using DVEO transcoders featuring DOZER ARQ technology, it receives error-free IP video in Noumea, the territory capital.
The launch of our 700K SmartGrade dozer was a huge hit earlier this year, and many of our customers asked for the grade control technology to be integrated into our larger offerings," said Liz Quinn, product marketing manager, John Deere WorkSight.
NASDAQ:YCB), has appointed Ken Dozer as market president for Hardin County.
Also, the newly acquired Caterpillar D9R dozers increases the onsite dozer fleet to a total of five, providing a substantial increase in drill road and drill pad construction capabilities.
recently added game life notifications to their free-to-play fantasy themed coin dozer game, Dozer Fever - Coin pusher game.
ClickPress, Thu Apr 02 2015] Mining dozer is an equipment that helps in the movement of unwanted materials, such as loose earth, soil, and other particles on mining sites.
It just happens this is the largest dozer we can get into some of these pads," said Steele.
By watching the ads they can earn credits to progress in games such as Throne Rush, Lost Chapters, Coin Dozer and Westbound.