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adj. do·zi·er, do·zi·est
Half asleep; drowsy.

doz′i·ly adv.
do′zi·ness n.


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Leonardo Sigali dozily attempted a pass out of defence, which found Nacho Monreal, who moved in to space and squared for Sanchez to pop it home.
Root was actually denied a double hundred in Grenada when partner Jimmy Anderson dozily failed to make his ground and ended the England innings with Root 18 short.
First, many are simply too dozily indulgent to challenge their sons and daughters - letting them get away with all sorts of unsavoury antics.
Summary: FRANKFURT - Milano de Flore, waiting dozily at Frankfurt airport for a flight to Buenos Aires after competing in the London Olympics, had no idea how important he is to the air freight business.
Stokes threatened with 28 from 23, but when he was dozily stumped by a combination of his old England Under-19 team-mates in the 10th over, the game was already effectively decided.
HOW many of 'em, I wonder, will be trilling it tonight as they drift dozily into dreamland before tomorrow's test: "Call me early, mother dear, for I'm to be Queen of the May.