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adj. do·zi·er, do·zi·est
Half asleep; drowsy.

doz′i·ly adv.
do′zi·ness n.


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Ryan Atkins' second try for the Wolves was a case of a bit of doziness by the Saints defence who weren't expecting Ashton Sims to pass to Atkins on the first tackle.
Despite Richardson's doziness, it was still splendid fielding by Porterfield but it was topped three overs later by Rikki Clarke.
Then overall doziness allowed Goran Pandev to double the visitors' lead before the half-hour.
You can't blame Howley for Jonathan Davies twice passing the ball into touch, five turnovers in the opening 40 minutes, Biggar having his kick charged down or Alex Cuthbert's defensive doziness.
Care was completing his England rehabilitation, making the most of Springbok doziness to touch down for the game's opening try.
Sebastian Larsson needed to make a good block from Armand Traore, perhaps the only player wearing hoops to impress in the first half, and Titus Bramble can consider himself fortunate his doziness waiting for the ball to come to him was not punished by Jamie Mackie, who overhit his cross.
Through doziness or naivety, Bell took it upon himself to act as the umpire.
doziness, 10 air-handling units were installed to exchange the air 40 times an hour.
Ledley King, who had a good return to the national side himself barring his doziness for Brazil's goal, stepped in to end a dynamic Ronaldinho run into the heart of England's defence.