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drab 1

adj. drab·ber, drab·best
a. Of a dull grayish to yellowish brown.
b. Of a light olive brown or khaki color.
2. Faded and dull in appearance.
3. Dull or commonplace in character; dreary: a drab personality. See Synonyms at dull.
1. A dull grayish to yellowish or light olive brown.
2. Cloth of this color or of an unbleached natural color.

[Alteration of obsolete French drap, cloth, from Old French; see drape.]

drab′ly adv.
drab′ness n.

drab 2

1. A slovenly woman; a slattern.
2. A woman prostitute.
intr.v. drabbed, drab·bing, drabs
To consort with prostitutes: "Even amid his drabbing, he himself retained some virginal airs" (Stanislaus Joyce).

[Possibly of Celtic origin (akin to Scottish Gaelic dràbag Irish Gaelic drabóg, slattern) or from Dutch drab, dregs.]

drab 3

A negligible amount: finished the work in dribs and drabs.

[Probably alteration of drib.]
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All the same, specialists in the law of statutory interpretation, perhaps a drabber group, should love the case.
The Dani people of New Guinea, the subjects of Dead Birds, lived a nearly Stone Age existence, and yet he found in this remote group of indigenous people common ground: "They dressed their lives with plumage, but faced as certain death as the rest of us drabber souls.
Driving north along the pot-holed road to Sofia the villages get poorer and drabber.
Eugene's visual arts world, too, got even drabber when Opus VII closed its doors in April, continuing a dismal trend for galleries here over the past few years.