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drab 1

adj. drab·ber, drab·best
a. Of a dull grayish to yellowish brown.
b. Of a light olive brown or khaki color.
2. Faded and dull in appearance.
3. Dull or commonplace in character; dreary: a drab personality. See Synonyms at dull.
1. A dull grayish to yellowish or light olive brown.
2. Cloth of this color or of an unbleached natural color.

[Alteration of obsolete French drap, cloth, from Old French; see drape.]

drab′ly adv.
drab′ness n.

drab 2

1. A slovenly woman; a slattern.
2. A woman prostitute.
intr.v. drabbed, drab·bing, drabs
To consort with prostitutes: "Even amid his drabbing, he himself retained some virginal airs" (Stanislaus Joyce).

[Possibly of Celtic origin (akin to Scottish Gaelic dràbag Irish Gaelic drabóg, slattern) or from Dutch drab, dregs.]

drab 3

A negligible amount: finished the work in dribs and drabs.

[Probably alteration of drib.]
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Adv.1.drably - in a drab manner; "she dresses drably"
بصورة رتيبه او خامِلَه
drungalega, á tilbreytingarlausan hátt
sıkıcı şekilde


adv dressedtrist; paintedin tristen Farben; drably uniformdeprimierend eintönig


(drӕb) adjective
dull and uninteresting, especially in colour. drab clothes.
ˈdrably adverb
ˈdrabness noun
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What they don't want is for us to go out, play drably, win 1-0 and maybe finish halfway up the table.
She and designer David Zinn transposed the mise-en-scene from the imposing Kremlin and Uspensky Cathedral of the early seventeenth century to a drably functional multipurpose room of the late twentieth, with Eastern European communism bracing itself for collapse.
For many years the material was considered drably utilitarian at best--the primary stuff of a postwar modernism associated with civic projects foisted on the public by town councils and other bureaucratic institutions.
Happily admitting that songwriting inspiration for the album has often come from fans posting stories on social media, Ne-Yo betrays the drably uninspired nature of the enterprise.
Drably lit motel rooms, murky alleyways and shabby digs seen in flashbacks are distinctly toned, aided by different lenses.
Like virtually every swift species -- and there are many -- it is drably plumaged in dark brown, relieved only by small pale patch on the throat.
housewives, and a goodly number of children, dressed as drably as their
This would never have been the case 30 years ago when no woman, including me, was allowed out alone and would have been drably dressed with her hijab pulled down over most of her face.
Ill-tempered child of the Gothic, itself an ill-tempered rebuke to a drably weaponized, mercantile, industrial canny.
He succeeds in making the stories of drably named organizations such as the Pew Charitable Trust, the United Way, and the Carnegie Corporation come alive by not only delving into the motivations of their founders but also by showing how they were both a product of and an agent of change in their respective eras.
123) Conze's habilitation thesis, drably titled Agrarian Constitution and Population in Lithuania and White Russia (1940) is innovative less for its methodology than for its use of volkisch concepts.