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1. Of or suggestive of a dragon.
2. Draconian.

[From Latin dracō, dracōn-, dragon; see dragon.]

dra·con′i·cal·ly adv.


of, like, or relating to a dragon
[C17: from Latin dracō dragon]
draˈconically adv


(dreɪˈkɒn ɪk, drə-)

of or like a dragon.
[1670–80; < Latin dracōn-, s. of dracō dragon + -ic]
dra•con′i•cal•ly, adv.
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I wonder what he'd think now: the unions crippled by draconic laws; the NHS being ripped apart by privateers whose first priority is to deliver the highest profits to its shareholders; provision for injured exservicemen being slashed; or the spectacle of a Labour Council carrying through Tory cuts without a fight.
Many of the ultras' leaders are either in prison on charges or convictions for violating Egypt's draconic anti-protest law or have gone into hiding to evade detention or because they were convicted in absentia to sentences ranging from short term prison terms to life in prison or death.
The court, which did not sentence anyone to prison for the incidents in settlement Gjorce Petrov, imposed draconic measures for the Albanian demonstrators, who are accused of being involved in the protests on 4 July.
Johnston, a forensic archaeologist by trade, brilliantly weaves together Canadian history and speculative elements to create a propulsive plot and a thoroughly believable draconic world.
Firms will have to settle liabilities on time to avoid the draconic sanctions stipulated in the financial discipline law that starts taking effect on 1 May 2014.
The draconic fines and the discouragement of investments in the dirty industry and in the natural reserves are only a small link in the large chain of measures for protection of the production of healthy food, Rizaov adds.
Players are called upon to fight the Awakened's draconic army, shine light into the world's looming darkness, and set the tone for a new Age's beginning.
The cure for the poverty of the Depressed Areas was draconic - the Second World War
Part of the reason why the flat tax has been an efficient tool in diminishing the "grey economy" in other countries is the willingness of governments to couple it with draconic measures to crack down on tax evasion.
The arguments used by Attorney-General Philip Ruddock for infringing upon civil liberties with new anti-terrorism legislation in 2005 were essentially similar to Prime Minister Menzies' rationale for introducing his draconic National Security Bill in September 1939.
As Peter Fitzpatrick observes, in "comprehensive and draconic legal regimes" such as apartheid,
Comparative analysis provides a means of addressing this question, and therefore, I have centred this investigation on ancient Greek manifestations of draconic lore, with local Zulu legend as my comparandum, chosen specifically to reveal the global application of these beliefs, be they Afro- or Eurocentric.