draft horse

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Noun1.draft horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loadsdraft horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
workhorse - a horse used for plowing and hauling and other heavy labor
cart horse, carthorse, drayhorse - draft horse kept for pulling carts
Clydesdale - heavy feathered-legged breed of draft horse originally from Scotland
Percheron - one of a breed of grey or black draft horses originally used in France to draw heavy coaches or artillery
shire horse, shire - British breed of large heavy draft horse
poler, pole horse - a draft horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle
wheel horse, wheeler - a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle
coach horse - strong draft horse for drawing coaches
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There are more Belgians in the United States than all other draft horse breeds combined.
Authorities on Friday were looking for the thieves who stole a Netherlands-bred draft horse from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Griffith Park.
You can ride them, drive them (pull a wagon), plow and other farm chores, and of course show them at fairs and draft horse events.
5) Larissa McGrath rides Cora, an 11-year-old Belgian Draft Horse from Ironshoe Farms in Uxbridge.
Holds the distinction of being the only draft horse breed that originated in the United States.
Also, draft horse and mule auctions sometimes have stocks or people who know where to get them.
An estimated 10,000 spectators attended the eighth annual Draft Horse and Mule Progress Days, held in June in southeastern Indiana.
CUTLINE: (1) Bruce Cheney of Paxton drives his spotted draft horse Cheyenne and Belgian draft horse Katie during a plowing demonstration at last year's Harvest Home Festival.
The goat stood next to the two dogs, and the five cats kept a watchful eye on the kitchen door, where a Clydesdale draft horse and a cow were trying to decide how to fit through the opening.
Alvin, their 2,300 pound Percheron draft horse, had fallen and was tightly wedged in his stall.
UXBRIDGE - Wayne and Lois Tucker and their family from Ironshoe Farm, 106 Quaker Highway, want to thank the town fire and police departments and others for their unsuccessful efforts to save the family's 16-year-old draft horse, Alvin, who collapsed recently in a barn at the farm.