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One that drafts, especially a person who drafts plans or designs or a person who composes a document.
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Noun1.drafter - a writer of a draftdrafter - a writer of a draft      
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
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Much of the E/A deals with the duties of employers or with administration of the scheme, and in drafting these parts, the drafter would try to communicate directly with employers or with administrators.
Research on dance and education exists, but it's embedded in other disciplines," explains Jane Bonbright, project director at the National Dance Education Organization and drafter of the project proposal.
Each drafter updates about eight maps each day from sketches turned in by field draftsmen.
Cluster-1 consisted of 22 skilled occupations and was represented by occupations such as Aircraft Mechanic, Surveyor, Drafter, Electronic Technician, Machinist, and Tool/Die Maker.
Computer-aided design (CAD) joins the power of the computer with the creativity and skills of the engineer, architect, designer, and drafter.
The software offers numerous features and functionalities to help the drafter do a proper engineering analysis of a proposed product.
194) In response to a different question about the reliability of legislative history, however, another rule drafter expressly harkened to Justice Scalia but asserted that legislative history may well be more helpful to an agency interpreter than a judicial interpreter:
Well PC and Gold Drafter has written an excellent introduction to fantasy football.
52) or a congressional drafter who views legislative history and
According to Alves & Vale's (2011) classification, a Drafter refers to a translator whose editing procedures consist primarily of P1 macro TUs.
While this distinction may seem like an exercise in semantics, the consequences of drafting partnership allocations in one manner or the other can be significant to both the drafter and the tax return preparer.
Malkiewich started as a legislative bill drafter in 1981 after graduating from law school.