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Noun1.drafting table - a worktable with adjustable topdrafting table - a worktable with adjustable top  
work table, worktable - a table designed for a particular task
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LOS ANGELES-RIOS Associates, an architecture and design firm based here, has turned its attention from the drafting table to the dining table with a new line of contemporary tabletop called notNeutral.
The team is also developing additional modules interoperable with the Spine, including multiple monitor configurations, a desktop module, a larger front-facing laptop table, and a large-tablet drafting table.
After a modest bond proposal to establish Engineering Technology and two other in-demand programs did not advance at town meetings this spring, Valley Tech acknowledged the local hesitancy to accept new debt and returned to the drafting table to design plans for a scaled-down program expansion.
van Koolbergen: Well, when we first started, my associate and I shared a 6-ftlong drafting table at a friend's architecture firm.
The cradle easily converts into a tilted stand to allow the tablet to be used in drafting table mode, and offers USB 3.
He explains, "In Hollywood she set up an inventor's corner in the drawing room of her house, complete with a drafting table and lamp and all the necessary drafting tools.
A twenty-first-century architect, around forty, he works at home at a drafting table and misses too many phone calls because he's relying on a landline (without even an answering machine).
The Neuro Challenge Foundation recently led him to a local art studio, and he soon converted his former drafting table into a studio of his own.
Once again we could see an agreement left on the drafting table, covered in brackets and lacking signatures.
The reason we're still here is we're willing to change," Lynch said in his San Francisco office, surrounded by the six computers, two tablets and a massive digital drafting table he keeps to test new product ideas.
It exemplifies the mechanical genius he was, not someone hunched over a drafting table, but a mechanic who would file, chisel or machine part-by-part of a new firearm design he could visualize in his fertile mind.
There's even a re-creation of Funk's workspace, with a drafting table, a set of Prismacolor pencils, a series of 19th century Eadweard Muybridge anatomical motion photos and the kind of notes and snapshots you might find tacked up around anyone's office.