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Noun1.drafting table - a worktable with adjustable topdrafting table - a worktable with adjustable top  
work table, worktable - a table designed for a particular task
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As one of her colleagues noted, "Without Sandy many brilliant ideas would have languished on the drafting table.
That was the bar," he said, pointing to the drafting table piled with drawings and books.
Graphic designers employed such antiquated tools as a pica ruler and a drafting table to lay out the publication.
I remember his drafting table piled high with cassettes.
Instead of putting us at the drafting table, we would like that to come from you all," Schifino replied.
After a modest bond proposal to establish Engineering Technology and two other in-demand programs did not advance at town meetings this spring, Valley Tech acknowledged the local hesitancy to accept new debt and returned to the drafting table to design plans for a scaled-down program expansion.
The cradle easily converts into a tilted stand to allow the tablet to be used in drafting table mode, and offers USB 3.
He explains, "In Hollywood she set up an inventor's corner in the drawing room of her house, complete with a drafting table and lamp and all the necessary drafting tools.
The unique perspective, looking down onto a flat plane, falling into the moving lines, slowly hypnotized by sound, shifts our relationship from viewer into that of confused object though the viewer stands at the drafting table, above the blueprints, separate from the piece, the viewer seems somehow drawn helplessly inside the maze by this overwhelming sensory experience.
If you don't have the time or energy to produce high-quality original work, auction off your drafting table on eBay and go away.
A twenty-first-century architect, around forty, he works at home at a drafting table and misses too many phone calls because he's relying on a landline (without even an answering machine).
The Neuro Challenge Foundation recently led him to a local art studio, and he soon converted his former drafting table into a studio of his own.