drag behind

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w>drag behind

vt +prep obj to drag somebody/something behind onejdn/etw hinter sich (dat)herschleppen or herschleifen
References in classic literature ?
To throw one's whole strength and weight on the oars and to feel the boat checked in its forward lunge by the heavy drag behind, was not exactly exhilarating.
You don't want your worm to drag behind the float but fish underneath it just inches above the bottom where they often feed.
My standard operating procedure for the Royal Welsh is to spend the first couple of hours loitering around the main drag behind the grandstand and catching up with those from the wider stakeholder community - and a few business contacts - who I probably haven't seen for a while.
With a fastball, when it's thrown with a flick of the wrist, a good amount of backspin is put on it, creating a fairly uniform drag behind the ball as it travels.
TrailerTail Model 2011 can reduce US trucking industry fuel expenditures by >$20 billion over 10 years by reducing aerodynamic drag behind tractor-trailers.
14) or else, watch a single chord drag behind it the shadow of its minor equivalent.
However he said, "If the postponement of the CPA is not accompanied with release of more cash money from GOSS, still the progress and completion of the remaining projects will drag behind.
Head in a vice; Burn skin with iron; Break limbs over door; Suspend and whip; Gouge eyes; Drag behind car; SCARRED: Al-Karmah hostage
As Dooley headed toward home, he let his tail drag behind him like a wet noodle.
Enhancements include a full voice tutorial; a drag behind line for the polygon tool that increases accuracy; brush and eraser tools that paint in a straight line with a simple keystroke; infinite tool sizes and thresholds; and instant before and after view.
NOBODY will ever know if Young Whack had a crafty drag behind the stable block to calm the nerves before winning at
PAUL, ON THE OTHER HAND, HAD HIS OWN HARD LEGACY TO drag behind him, like Marley's chains in Dickens' A Christmas Carol.