drag race

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drag race

A race between two cars to determine which can accelerate faster from a standstill.

[From drag, an automobile (slang).]

drag racer n.
drag racing n.

drag race

(Motor Racing) a type of motor race in which specially built or modified cars or motorcycles are timed over a measured course
drag racer n
drag racing n

drag′ race`

a race between two or more automobiles starting from a standstill, the winner being the car that can accelerate the fastest.
drag′ rac`er, n.
drag′ rac`ing, n.
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by Times News ServiceSana Said Al Shekaili is the first Omani female to participate in the Mustang Drag Race 2018 in Abu Dhabi.
On the eve Scratch comes to collect his soul, the town's badass steps in and challenges him to a drag race.
The leading telecom network operator Digicel Fiji on Friday has made an announcement on its decision to sponsor the impending quarter mile drag race in the country.
BAHRAIN will host one round of the all-new GCC Drag Race Championship later this year.
The first season's cast and guest judges of "All Stars: RuPaul's Drag Race," RuPaul's (http://www.
Great opportunity for an entrepreneur to be a Special Events and Drag Race Promoter to purchase for use approx.
It's the launch of a Cardiff charity's fancy drag race.
The 4th Annual World's Only Solar Drag Race was held June 21 on Technology Center Way in the Port's Olds Station Business Park.
Now, he and a team of classmates at Northampton East High School in North Carolina will go head to head in an electric-car drag race with more than 40 other high school teams from the U.
And it's going to help Lyons fulfill a dream she had since the first time her father pulled her into a race car when she was 2 years old: To reach the pro stock drag race circuit in the PowerAde Series.