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1. A line used for dragging.
2. A kind of dredging machine.


1. (Aeronautics) another word for dragrope2
2. (Mechanical Engineering) Also called: dragline crane or dragline excavator a power shovel that operates by being dragged by cables at the end of an arm or jib: used for quarrying, opencast mining, etc



1. a dragrope.
2. an excavating crane with a bucket dragged toward the machine by a cable.
[1915–20, Amer.]
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Tenders are invited for Repair Maintenance Of Hm Twl 101 Me And Tata 320 Draglines For The Year 2017 18 Sub Work Providing Of Operator And Watch And Ward Staff For 2 Nos Twl 101me And 2 Nos Tata 320 Draglines For The Period Of 12 Months
Traditionally, coal operators have relied on draglines as the primary load ing tool to move overburden.
Draglines are the largest and heaviest excavators and are used to strip off the ground which lies above ore.
All species of spider putatively produce silk draglines as they move through their environment.
Bucyrus, which makes equipment used in surface mining, such as walking draglines, electric rope mining shovels and rotary blasthole drills, said the move would enable it to expand into underground mining equipment such as roof support systems, armored face conveyers, plows, shearers and continuous miners.
Bucyrus International has built heavy excavating machinery for over a hundred years: it began in 1880 building equipment and became the leading supplier of draglines, shovels and drills for the mining industry, purchasing competitors and today building about 90 percent of the walking draglines in existence.
The Costain draglines `walked' from Bedlington to Widdrington, and were still in use after Big Geordie started work in 1969.
Moving draglines like Big Geordie can take days at a time.
Three walking draglines, expected to begin digging by 2001 at Coal India Ltd.
The product, LVS, was designed to be used in tandem with the Ansul LT-A 101 Dry Chemical System for the protection of large excavators, shovels, draglines, haul trucks, wheeled loaders, slag carriers, pot or slab carriers, tunnel boring machines, and other specialty equipment.