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(Motor Racing) a race course for drag racing


or drag′ strip`,

a straight, paved course where drag races are held.
[1950–55, Amer.]
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Housing, malls and business projects eventually led to the elimination of tracks, including five previous Irwindale tracks since 1955: San Gabriel Valley Dragstrip (1955-60 and 1961-63), Go-Kart Speedway (1959-78), Speedway 605 (1966-77) and Irwindale Raceway (1965-1977).
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Check out images of "dragging the gut" on Willamette Street in Eugene back in the day, and everything from muscle cars to classic cars to old gearhead hangouts like the Balboa Dragstrip and the Eugene Speedway.
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According to Cupples, if you grew up around here and your interest in cars went beyond dragging the gut and meeting up with other kids, then you probably ended up at either the Balboa Dragstrip or Eugene Speedway, the two local race tracks.
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Drag racing: A pair of junior drivers from Junction City raced to victory last week during racing at Woodburn Dragstrip.
He doesn't have dragstrip speed or a repertoire of befuddling moves.
Raceway Associates owns Route 66 Raceway; a 240 acre motorsports complex that includes a state of the art dragstrip, 3/8-mile clay oval and road course test track.
Severance, part-owner of Woodburn Dragstrip, took the starting line advantage in Sunday's final-round match-up with Chris Demke and powered on for the win, clocking 5.
Drag Racing Series race at the Woodburn Dragstrip on April 28.