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Noun1.drama critic - a critic of theatrical performancesdrama critic - a critic of theatrical performances
critic - a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
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Lahr, an author and drama critic, collects profiles and reviews he wrote for The New Yorker of playwrights, productions, and directors, including Arthur Miller, August Wilson, Tony Kushner, David Mamet, Sarah Ruhl, Clifford Odets, David Rabe, Harold Pinter, Wallace Shawn, Neil LaBute, Sam Shepard, William Shakespeare, Nicholas Hytner, Ingmar Bergman, Susan Stroman, John Barton, and Arcadia, The Pajama Game, The Retreat from Moscow, Private Lives, Company, Sweeney Todd, Me, Myself & I, Oklahoma
But, as a former drama critic, I was fascinated by the show.
I was interviewing Former Times drama critic Frank Rich, and his equally well-known wife, Times ace Alex Witchel.
A drama critic has a historical and descriptive function; his job is to look at and look after the theater; a reviewer's job is to look after the audience.
He studied at Trinity College while working as a civil servant in Dublin Castle and moonlighting as a newspaper drama critic.
Our private channel virtually switched to copycat mode; from informal script to colourful costumes and from unrealistic visual effects to high-sounding background music," said Beenish Wayne, a TV drama critic and social activist.
His career included announcing the assassination of US President John F Kennedy in 1963 while an ITV newsreader, working as drama critic and arts editor of Punch magazine and reviewing plays for numerous newspapers and magazines.
He had no theater background prior to becoming a drama critic, first for Commonweal in 1961 and then for Newsweek from 1964-67.
After joining The New York Times as dance critic in 1965, he became its chief drama critic as well in 1967, a position that made him the most powerful dance and theater writer in the business.
During that decade Dorothy Parker is fired by Vanity Fair as its drama critic and her marriage to a drunk and morphine addict is not a happy one.
That makes him the most heavily armed drama critic in the world.
In 1975, Mancuso moved on to Stratford, where his performance as Bassanio in The Merchant of Venice opposite Maggie Smith drew excellent notices from Walter Kerr, the legendary drama critic of The New York Times.