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Noun1.dramatic work - a play for performance on the stage or television or in a movie etc.
piece of writing, written material, writing - the work of a writer; anything expressed in letters of the alphabet (especially when considered from the point of view of style and effect); "the writing in her novels is excellent"; "that editorial was a fine piece of writing"
dramatic art, dramaturgy, theater, theatre, dramatics - the art of writing and producing plays
drama, dramatic play, play - a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage; "he wrote several plays but only one was produced on Broadway"
prologue - an introduction to a play
act - a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet
scene - a subdivision of an act of a play; "the first act has three scenes"
playscript, script, book - a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance
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Now properly authenticated, the dramatic work of Snowdonian hills and cottages is up for auction with a guide price of PS35,000 to PS45,000.
Stone has been here before with Dominic Argento's remarkable and powerful piece The Andree Expedition, which blurs the distinction between song cycle and dramatic work, (Argento called it a monodrama) and which chronicles a doomed Polar expedition by balloon.
The individual entries of Volume II follow the format of those in Volume I, presenting a wealth of information about each dramatic work.
On Page 22, contributing correspondent Mexandra Witze reports on the latest efforts to understand the history of the mighty Colorado and its most dramatic work.
4 Dramatic work is wicked could be which children's educational show?
Dramatic However, once it became obvious yesterday's matches would not take place without some dramatic work following Wednesday's deluge, Baldwin stayed on.
Al-Mamari also noted the seasonality of dramatic work.
From there, the children are plunged straight into dramatic work, using the witches scene to explore the strangeness of the language, and a series of activities including creating their own castle, taking a 'child's perspective', creating a 'lost scene' and staging a large set piece final battle.
Dinnerstein may have titled a 1986 painting A Dream Play (after a 1902 dramatic work by August Strindberg), hut he didn't dream up his figures; art, for him, entails the "verification" of objective facts.
IT'S been described as both a comic and dramatic work, but there's not much to laugh about in Mozart's Don Giovanni which launches the Welsh National Opera's autumn season.
Spanish critic MasCarello of Paradoxo says Shua "masterfully employs black humor" in her satirical and dramatic work.