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 (drăm′ə-tûrj′, drä′mə-)
1. A writer or adapter of plays; a playwright.
2. often dram·a·turg (-tûrg′) A person who is employed by a theatrical or opera company to assist in researching, selecting, adapting, or interpreting scripts or libretti.

[French, from Greek drāmatourgos : drāma, drāmat-, drama; see drama + ergon, work; see werg- in Indo-European roots. Sense 2, from German Dramaturg, from Greek drāmatourgos.]


1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) Also called: dramaturgist a dramatist, esp one associated with a particular company or theatre
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) Also called: dramaturg a literary adviser on the staff of a theatre, film corporation, etc, whose responsibilities may include selection and editing of texts, liaison with authors, preparation of printed programmes, and public relations work
[C19: probably from French, from Greek dramatourgos playwright, from drama + ergon work]


or dram•a•turg

(ˈdræm əˌtɜrdʒ, ˈdrɑ mə-)

a specialist in dramaturgy, esp. a consultant to a theater or opera company who advises on repertoire.
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Sunday performances will offer complimentary coffee and a special preshow conversation with the director and the dramaturge from 1 to 1:45 p.
La nouveautAaAaAeA@ pour cette annAaAaAeA@e, consiste en des ateliers de crit thAaAaAeA@AaAaAeActrale, animAaAaAeA@s par le romancier et dramaturge tunisien Youcef l'universitaire et spAaAaAeA@cialiste du thAaAaAeA@AaAaAeActre marocain Fahd El Kag dramaturge et critique thAaAaAeA@AaAaAeActral algAaAaAeA@rien Adlane Djilali et la cr thAaAaAeA@AaAaAeActral Djamila Zegai.
Ahmed Massaia, dramaturge et critique de thAaAaAeA@AaAaAeActre, auquel le fest a rendu un hommage lors de l'ouverture de la 3e AaAaAeA@dition, a estimAaAaAeA@ le bilan de cette AaAaAeA@dition est trAaAaAeA?
The author is an active director, playwright, and dramaturge, and a former faculty member of the State University of New York at Buffalo.
After graduation she worked as a dramaturge at the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and also ran a bookshop in Nicosia.
Justus Neumann of Bruny Island who will receive funding to write and develop a new one-man theatre work with dramaturge John Bolton.
Bahraini fine artist, dramaturge, and TV director Abdulla Youssef will head the National Unity Film Festival jury panel, which features also Saudi actor Mohsen Al-Nimr, and Bahraini director Salman Al-Oraibi.
Written by Akal, "Almanci" is directed by Asly KyE-lal, an Austria-based Turkish stage director who is also the founder and dramaturge of daskunst.
Wright intended to stage the production as a world premiere as part ofS/O's 2014/15 season, so he moved quickly to commission Neil Weisensel as composer while naming Leslie Dala as conductor and musical dramaturge and Rachel Peake as director and stage dramaturge.
His incisive observations with regard to the entremeses--too nuanced and detailed to present here--do much to paint Cervantes as a dramaturge who was greatly ahead of his time.
I thought of this questionoriginally asked by Polish theater critic, essayist, teacher, translator, editor, dramaturge, and director Jan Kottwhen I went to see New Yiddish Rep's short-run production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot.
Les intervenants ont rendu hommage a la brillante et eclectique carriere de feu Laalaj qui, en plus d'etre un parolier et un dramaturge de haut rang, a ete un acteur talentueux connu par la simplicite, la profondeur et le style satirique avec lesquels il abordait les questions de la societe.