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The interview with Hwang was a highlight and drawing card of the conference.
Current owner is a Boy Scouts of America Climbing Merit Badge Counselor, and you too should become one for another drawing card.
Drawing Card is incident-packed, written in a utilitarian style that tells more than it shows.
As the church continues to decline, having lost almost all of its social and cultural clout, and as community organizations take up much of the work that the church once did on its own, it becomes clearer that Jesus himself is the church's greatest resource, drawing card and reason for existence.
He added, "I think it will be a good drawing card for the area.
He added that participants between 8 and 80 years of age in this competition, is an added drawing card for the company as a sponsor as the flagship sponsorship of this competition has ensured that this event to reaches out to everyone.
The impressive new St David's Centre has certainly been a drawing card for tourists.
An UNCTAD communique said that Mauritania's remote desert location was a potential drawing card.
The E-Jets basic configurations certified by the ANAC, EASA and FAA are exactly the same, and do not require any aircraft changes when moving aircraft from one geographical region to another, which is a drawing card for leasing companies and a plus to the aircraft residual value, the company said.
5-inch screen as well, but its drawing card is its ease of handling and pocket-friendly dimensions (3-5/8 inches wide x 2-1/2 inches high).
Producers attending trade shows could take their turn at a Raxil T punching bag at the Bayer CropScience booth, and local boxing matches became a great drawing card for Bayer CropScience producer meetings.
The two-story, 30,000 square foot centre is being lauded by the university as the symbol of environmental protection and restoration, as well as a drawing card to attract students, faculty and world-class aquatic researchers to Sudbury.