drawing off

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Noun1.drawing off - act of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid from a source; "the drawing of water from the well"
derivation - drawing off water from its main channel as for irrigation
derivation - drawing of fluid or inflammation away from a diseased part of the body
drain - a gradual depletion of energy or resources; "a drain on resources"; "a drain of young talent by emigration"
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Drawing off his gauntlet he advanced close to De Vac.
And the gentleman does tap him presently, and with great discretion too; drawing off the evidence by little and little, and making it run quite clear and bright in the eyes of all present.
Based on analysis of the situation at the state border, members of the joint commission will summarize data and present proposals for arrangements on drawing off border units and special units of internal affairs bodies of two states in places of permanent deployment.