drawing power

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Noun1.drawing power - the capacity for attracting people (customers or supporters)
attractiveness, attraction - the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts; "her personality held a strange attraction for him"
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To her, a French gentleman, who had crammed up his chimney, rather to the detriment of its drawing powers, 'a leather valise, containing twenty thousand francs, gold coins, and a large quantity of precious stones,' as discovered by a chimneysweep after his death.
I never heard the name Bernie Sanders before, but I watched him on television and realized that he really has drawing power.
Contract notice: Heritage study and drawing power steering drinking water to the city of tarbes.
The power situation has also worsened in Noida with Ghaziabad drawing power from its NCR neighbour.
Moily held state chief secretaries accountable for last month's major power grid failure, saying that the officials should be taken to task as it was their responsibility to oversee the states' function in drawing power and to keep the process under check.
The model is equipped with an electric motor, drawing power from a battery behind the rear seat, coupled with a 2.
Third, I reveal the important impact of the distribution of drawing power (i.
On a limited budget and denied the drawing power of paying top dollar wages, Moyes has transformed Everton.
When the day comes it'll be because the Premier League - whether it will be in a different guise of one and two divisions - will need the drawing power of the Old Firm.
When the day comes it'll be because the Premier League will need the drawing power of the Old Firm.
EVEN in death, only the drawing power of Princess Diana could attract so many big names to her tribute concert.
Forbes said: "Ricky has the drawing power to fight one of the big guys.