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A knife with a handle at each end of the blade, used with a drawing motion to shave a surface. Also called drawshave.


(ˈdrɔːˌnaɪf) or


n, pl -knives or -shaves
(Tools) a woodcutting tool with two handles at right angles to the blade, used to shave wood. US name: spokeshave



n., pl. -knives.
a carpenter's knife with a handle at each end at right angles to the blade, used by drawing over a surface.
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Noun1.drawknife - a woodworker's knife to shave surfacesdrawknife - a woodworker's knife to shave surfaces
knife - edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle
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It is the ideal tool for use with the drawknife or spokeshave, and is most used in that fashion.
The best tool for removing the bark when it clings is the drawknife.
Laurie took those and, using a drawknife and shaving horse, made them octagonal in cross section and put a rough point on one end.
This is very different from a drawknife or froe operation.
This I split again and working with a hatchet and drawknife, shaped what I must admit is a quality axe handle.
Then the work begins: He peels the wood clean with a drawknife, sands it smooth with air drum and flapper sanders and a handheld palm sander, and seals and treats it with industrial exterior lacquer.