drawn work

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drawn work



(Knitting & Sewing) ornamental needlework done by drawing threads out of the fabric and using the remaining threads to form lacelike patterns. Also called: drawn-thread work

drawn′ work`

or drawn′work`,

embroidery done by removing some threads from a fabric and stitching around the open areas in various designs. Also called drawn′ thread′work (ˈθrɛdˌwɜrk)
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Sizewell Illustration Club is the brain child of creative duo Tom Burnham and Lucy Roberts who offer a wide array of illustrative design through t-shirts, prints, publications and hand drawn work.
This extremely well-researched, compellingly written, and finely drawn work tells the story of the man responsible for assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand, precipitating the world war that would go on to claim more than sixteen million lives.
And as odd and offbeat as it sounds, the competition has drawn work from both near and far, with short films by Timothy David Orme, Rachel Gausp, Megan Falley, Greg Brisendine, Yves Bommenel, John Mortara, Sarah Guimond, Malt Schlitzman, David Richardson, Josh Lefkowitz, Meriel Lland, Cheryl Maddalena and Aisha Naseem making the cut.