dray horse

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dray′ horse`

a draft horse used for pulling a dray.
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Noun1.dray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loadsdray horse - horse adapted for drawing heavy loads
workhorse - a horse used for plowing and hauling and other heavy labor
cart horse, carthorse, drayhorse - draft horse kept for pulling carts
Clydesdale - heavy feathered-legged breed of draft horse originally from Scotland
Percheron - one of a breed of grey or black draft horses originally used in France to draw heavy coaches or artillery
shire horse, shire - British breed of large heavy draft horse
poler, pole horse - a draft horse harnessed alongside the shaft or pole of a vehicle
wheel horse, wheeler - a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle
coach horse - strong draft horse for drawing coaches
References in classic literature ?
To the last stumble of its stumbling end this dray horse must abide by the mandates of the lesser truth that is the truth of life and that makes life possible to persist.
This dray horse, like all other horses, like all other animals, including man, is life-blinded and sense-struck.
And yet when a drunken man who, for some unknown reason, was being taken somewhere in a huge waggon dragged by a heavy dray horse, suddenly shouted at him as he drove past: "Hey there, German hatter" bawling at the top of his voice and pointing at him--the young man stopped suddenly and clutched tremulously at his hat.
Birdall, I remember, who had great draying interests, had turned loose three hundred dray horses.
If you feel as if you're walking on egg shells or worse still walking behind the dray horse, perhaps the path itself needs to change?
A warden trying to ticket a dray horse saw it swallowed by the nag before it abruptly trotted off"
Carved into the soft sandstone by dray horse and carriage, pilgrims and wanderers, as well as centuries of rain, wind, and snowmelt, they are now largely forgotten, part of what the painter Paul Nash called the "unseen landscapes of England.
The dog will be farting like a dray horse - I can't have people in the house.
After spending his first five games hobbling around like an asthmatic dray horse the mercurial fly-half dazzled against Leicester and inspired his team to the most resonant of victories.
He is an elephant without a trunk, a dray horse without the beer in tow.
It is widely accepted that Friedrich Nietzsche's contribution to philosophy ended on a fateful day in Turin in 1889, when, after attempting to save a dray horse from a brutal whipping, he collapsed, was sent to an asylum and spent the rest of his life in a state of incoherence.
Dole, a political thoroughbred who for the past week has looked more like a spavined old dray horse, failed in this state for the third time.