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A driver of a dray.


n, pl -men
(Professions) a man who drives a dray


(ˈdreɪ mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who drives a dray.
usage: See -man.
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The drayman was lashing his horses with his heavy whip; the dray was light, and they started off at a furious rate; the man had no control over them, and the street was full of traffic.
The drayman was proved to be very drunk, and was fined, and the brewer had to pay damages to our master; but there was no one to pay damages to poor Captain.
It is only when you have mastered a restive horse, or thrashed a drayman, or have got a gun in your hand, that these shy juniors feel you to be a truly admirable and enviable character.
Vic's guest role in Coronation Street is already showing signs of outshining Kay's 2004 stint as Eric the drayman.
According to Police sources, a loaded truck collided with a Van due to over speed, as a result Abdul Wahab s/o Malik Daud resident of Bharwal died on the spot, while Usama s/o Abdul Saleem and Qasim s/o Drayman were critically injured.
Colin Anderson, 55, a brewery drayman from West Jesmond, said: "I'd recommend Harvey's Porter, from way down in Lewes in Sussex - it's only recently been released out of the county.
But he stopped on the way in Coventry and became a drayman on the railways.
CHEERS: Steve Briscoe, centre, with drayman Harry Cabot, left, and assistant brewer Mark Powell
When they married, Bill was a bus driver, before working as a drayman at Crosswells brewery and then at the Rover car factory in Pengam.
Neil, who works as a drayman delivering beer, now has the happy task of deciding how to spend the vouchers.
When the Cookes leased a parcel of land behind the Jones' home at Ty Coch Road, Llandudno, from the Mostyn Estate, Mr Jones, a brewery drayman, and his wife, were initially unconcerned.