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A driver of a dray.


n, pl -men
(Professions) a man who drives a dray


(ˈdreɪ mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who drives a dray.
usage: See -man.
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Well, there ain't any other, for one thing; and for another, some nigger draymen that happened to be driving along saw her coming out of or going into houses, and told me so--and it just happens that they was robbed, every time.
I likewise delivered up my watch, which the emperor was very curious to see, and commanded two of his tallest yeomen of the guards to bear it on a pole upon their shoulders, as draymen in England do a barrel of ale.
Then as to the artisans and laborers who had been brought from Canada and shipped at such expense, the three most respectable, according to the captain's account, were culprits, who had fled from Canada on account of their misdeeds; the rest had figured in Montreal as draymen, barbers, waiters, and carriole drivers, and were the most helpless, worthless beings "that ever broke sea- biscuit.
They were old men and young men and middle-aged men, mostly of the labouring class, dock labourers, draymen, factory hands, barmen; but some, neatly dressed, were of a station which was obviously superior, shop-assistants, clerks, and the like.
The solution has been implemented for the draymen delivering and collecting casks and kegs to/from pubs across the UK.
While we all are glad that a strike was ultimately averted and happy to see some reduction in congestion, most shippers and draymen remain angry at the experience over the months of crisis, the painful delays and costs incurred," said Pisano.
Mid-dispute, TGWU official Harry Verinder told the Daily Post that while he had been putting the case of the 90 striking draymen and warehouseman to Bas, he was now having to bargain for 1,000 part-time bar staff laid off as a direct result of the strike.
Riders and draymen gathered in silence for the ceremony.
HERE'S TO THE TOWER: The Rev Maureen Read with Denis and Denise Midwood of the Travellers' Rest, chef Adam Pinder and draymen John Steven and Jeff Allen.
80s 1981 The three-week dispute SS between Scottish and Newcastle Breweries and 180 draymen at the Kenton and Washington depots reached a critical stage with a warning of "further substantial redundancies".
Union backing for draymen's strike A MASS meeting of union members from breweries throughout the North-east had been called to give backing to striking draymen at Camerons brewery.