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1. Extremely bad, unpleasant, or distasteful: dreadful prose; this dreadful heat.
2. Inspiring dread; terrible: dreadful noises; a dreadful tragedy.

dread′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.dreadfulness - a quality of extreme unpleasantnessdreadfulness - a quality of extreme unpleasantness
unpleasantness - the quality of giving displeasure; "the recent unpleasantness of the weather"
frightfulness - the quality of being frightful
ذُعْر، رُعْب، خَوْف، فَزَع
korkunç olma


(dred) noun
great fear. She lives in dread of her child being drowned in the canal; His voice was husky with dread.
to fear greatly. We were dreading his arrival.
ˈdreadful adjective
1. terrible. a dreadful accident.
2. very bad or annoying. What dreadful children!
ˈdreadfulness noun
ˈdreadfully adverb
extremely. dreadfully ill; dreadfully clever.
References in classic literature ?
sneered the terrible one, with such dreadfulness of menace as to cause Whiskers and Fatty involuntarily to close their hands down on their cave-man's weapons.
My own ambitions and the dreadfulness of our political world consume and distract me.
The dreadfulness of this combination is often exacerbated by the irresponsibility of some parents who treat school as some kind of health centre and send children to school no matter what their state of health because it inconveniences them so much to stay at home with their offspring.
Anousha highlights the dreadfulness of it all by making the viewer see not just the visual horror of the situation, but also hear its unnerving auditory side.
While the focus has all along been on checking the atrocities against women, the frequency of sexual crimes perpetrated on children who are yet not old enough to grasp the reality of the situation continues to bewilder the nation floundered by the dreadfulness of the immoral acts.
These two criminal attacks demonstrate the dreadfulness of the Takfiri terrorist ideology, through de-sanctifying a religious shrine and the headquarters of a legislative authority.
The reader is given an emotion charged glimpse into the dreadfulness of drug addiction and comes away with an empathetic realization for how dependence CAN happen to anyone and addiction can propel the addicted onward even at times to a point of no return.
This second novel of Rimanelli shows, in an almost photographic-like way, that man's actual sin, his "original sin," is not pride--as shown in the Bible--but poverty, with all its brutality, dreadfulness, and unspeakable features.
Nor did the addition of nachos add much to Lynn's enjoyment of this cacophony of dreadfulness.
Hardy also perceived the dreadfulness of the rapid increase in population.
The utter dreadfulness of the death roll," said the Echo, "paralyses the imagination, and one can only fall back on a sense of deep sympathy for the victims and their bereaved relatives and friends.