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Locks of hair in which the individual hairs have been allowed or encouraged to mat together into ropelike masses.

[From Caribbean English dread, follower of Rastafarianism, from dread, righteous fear of God; see dread.]


pl n
(Hairdressing & Grooming) hair worn in the Rastafarian style of long matted or tightly curled strands



a hairstyle of many long ropelike locks.


[ˈdrɛdlɒks] npl (= hairstyle) → dreadlocks fpl


, dreads (inf)
plDreadlocks pl
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The inmate, who practiced the Rastafarian religion, alleged that his beliefs were sincerely held and that wearing dreadlocks was a means of practicing his religion.
THE mother of a boy expelled from school for having dreadlocks, has lost her high court challenge to win back his place.
Walker, whose method of hair culture made her wealthy, to konking (Malcolm X's recollection of his first konk is painful, and hilarious) to the Afro, and the photos of those mushroom clouds from the 60s and 70s will make you groan or laugh or both; to the memories of grease and piping hot hot combs and perms and dreadlocks and whatever the devil we're doing with our hair now.
The Swedish striker stunned supporters by getting his trademark dreadlocks chopped off on Friday.
The Celtic striker finally revealed the close crop yesterday - ending speculation that he had gone from dreadlocks to no locks.
The woman has told police that she was grabbed by a black man with collar-length dreadlocks when she briefly left her husband and children.
The man who was seen running away is described as being black, of slim build with short dreadlocks.
Think "Jamaica" and "festival," and then erase any visions of the flowing dreadlocks and easy-skankin' riddims of the island's traditional reggae.
A DROWNING man was saved from a freezing canal when two cops pulled him out by his dreadlocks.
FIFA are set to review Peter Crouch's goal against Trinidad and Tobago after TV pictures showed the England striker pulled Brent Sancho's dreadlocks as he headed home.
A white youth with dreadlocks and wearing a hat was with a gang of youths who stole the bag from a shopping trolley at the Morrisons store at Penistone Road.
Freak women dyed their hair in bright colors, while one male freak had a mohawk and the other had dreadlocks.