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Noun1.Dreadnaught - battleship that has big guns all of the same caliberdreadnaught - battleship that has big guns all of the same caliber
battleship, battlewagon - large and heavily armoured warship
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Going to his heavy grego, or wrapall, or dreadnaught, which he had previously hung on a chair, he fumbled in the pockets, and produced at length a curious little deformed image with a hunch on its back, and exactly the color of a three days' old Congo baby.
Much there was which Tarzan could make Tantor understand, and though the small talk of the wild was beyond the great, gray dreadnaught of the jungle, he stood with blinking eyes and gently swaying trunk as though drinking in every word of it with keenest appreciation.
Tenders are invited for Goggle Fitted With Blue Lense And Celluloid Rink Super Dreadnaught Improved Type No.
Grandfather felt that creating a logo of the Dreadnaught would serve to remind him and all those would come to work at Newhaven-usa.
Many of these advancements, like the development of the crossbow, the advent of the dreadnaught, and the emergence of air power have each forced leaders to understand their new capabilities and determine how to maximize their effect while determining if the fundamental truths of armed conflict remain intact.
casinos -- Lucky Words (think Scrabble), Police Pooches (like Angry Birds), Dreadnaught (like Battleship) and Raze (think Risk).
The Dreadnaught, with its aggressive rhinolike blade and stout G10 handle, is a large-size folder at a very affordable price point.
From HallMark Cutlery is Sean Kendrick's custom-designed Bad Blood Dreadnaught (BB0118K) folder knife.
The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Invincible is the second book in a new saga and will best be enjoyed by fans of the prior book DREADNAUGHT, which set the character of Admiral John "Black Jack" Geary.
Soon he finds that the suicide was only the first in a series of mysterious deaths that are taking out the US naval innovators who are transforming the rickety 1908 US naval fleet into a dreadnaught force.
The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier Dreadnaught represents the first book in a new saga that continues the story of Captain John Geary from Campbell's best-selling LOST FLEET series originally released in paperback in 2006.