dream world

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dream′ world`

or dream′world`,

the world of imagination or illusion rather than of objective reality.
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This in the cold, rainy, hilly north of England, not even in the idealistic dream world of the Green Party and anti-car charity Sustrans.
Shows like this do not reflect the real world, more like a dream world.
they'll have to search for it in the dream world, and Laura's lucky star will be the key to their success.
Now he's set to cap a season that saw him break the Scottish league shut–out record with a dream World Cup call–up.
But there's a big Black Hole problem endangering peaceful future of the Dream world.
In a statement he said, "Generally, Manzor Wasan lives in a dream world.
Dream Team Bros mostly takes place inside Luigi's head, as he falls asleep on a magic pillow and enters his own personal dream world.
But after an initially hospitable welcoming to the island - albeit with Dr Snoozemore noticeably absent - things take a turn for the worse when Princess Peach is kidnapped and pulled into a Dream World by a new enemy in the series, the ghostly bat king Antasma.
A better strategy is to allow our awareness to observe what the wisdom of the dream world is trying to tell us, without altering the outcome with our consciousness.
Readers can find the characters from the endpapers in every dream world.
Since one third of our lives is spent asleep in a magical and miraculous dream world where anything is possible, might it be that we reflect this dream world in our myths, religions and children's stories.
We may not be able to keep a bunch of giddy, shallow politicians from taking off into their own dream world, but we can try to ensure that they don't drag the rest of us with them.