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A dreamlike scene or picture having surreal qualities.

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Henderson's work, however, seems deceptively simple but her strong lines created a dreamscape in my mind long after I left the building.
An extraordinary exhibition in County Durham invites us to walk into a dreamscape, a sumptuous landscape of the imagination.
Dreamscape is one of several activities the park is hosting over the Easter holidays.
Yuki Vehara-McGibbony's lighting further evoked a fantasy dreamscape.
DR PAM SAYS: You've had a classic wish fulfilment dream where your deeper sexual longings have been played out across your dreamscape.
Lonewalker describes Dreamscape as "a spiritual journey of healing.
With dreamscape lighting, crisp costumes and sharply meaningful properties, the production managed to evoke a town in old Russia while projecting an aura of timeless relevance.
Bone Black is as much a dreamscape as a landscape, then, and we move through it on the wheels of hooks's memory, obliged and permitted to linger only where it is arrested.
The commercial, for web hosting firm Dreamscape Networks, had the actress chairing a meeting of men before her assistant poured cream into a cup of coffee while showing her cleavage.
Daniel Fox's Dreamscape is entirely self-financed and produced, but the Neston-based film-maker could be a couple of signatures away from generating up to pounds 5m over five years.