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also Dream·time  (drēm′tīm′)
The time of the creation of the world in Australian Aboriginal mythology: "Aboriginal myths tell of the legendary totemic beings who wandered across the country in the Dreamtime ... singing the world into existence" (Bruce Chatwin).

[Translation of Aranda (Pama-Nyungan language of central Australia) aljerreŋe, in the dreamtime : aljerre, dream + -ŋe, from, of.]


1. (Non-European Myth & Legend) Also called: alchera or alcheringa (in the mythology of Australian Aboriginal peoples) a mythical Golden Age of the past
2. informal Austral any remote period, out of touch with the actualities of the present



(among Australian Aborigines) the ancient time of the creation of all things by sacred ancestors.
Also called the dreaming.
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Importantly, however, these Dreamtime men, women and living creatures were not like their counterparts are today, the implication being that they were capable of 'powerful deeds'.
Through our expansive network, we have been proud to support a range of tourism events within Australia, including Dreamtime last year and the Australian Tourism Exchange, which saw us welcome hundreds of international delegates on board our domestic flights this week.
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Other topics include extinction drivers, Australia from Dreamtime to desert, the Australian Tertiary and the first marsupial extinction, a case study of the megafauna in the Southern Lake Eyre Basin, and megafauna and human in Southeast Asia and Australia.
Brosnan, who previously played the role of the iconic British spy in four James Bond movies, will also co-produce the film through his Irish DreamTime company.
His company Irish DreamTime backed this offering, and deserves a pat on the back for it.
Many contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists, such as the painter of this month's Clip & Save Art Print, work within this traditional symbology, connecting their lives and art to the ancient belief referred to as Dreaming or Dreamtime.
A Practical Path to Authenticity,” shaman and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt tells listeners that the recently re-released book Gift of the Dreamtime is for anyone interested in shamanism.
Visitors can take tours of ancient rock art sites, learn rituals and skills and hear Aboriginal dreamtime legends.
More than 60 vibrant and colourful paintings were unveiled at the opening of the Dreamtime Aboriginal Art Exhibition, at La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art, Manama, yesterday.
The amount of each herb can differ depending on how much medicine you need from it for your dreamtime (see sidebar for herbs and their uses).
SAN DIEGO, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Anil Kapoor, the game show host on Academy Award Winning Movie "Slumdog Millionaire", which just fetched eight Oscars, was feted at a private luncheon in San Diego on March 4, 2009 by the former owner of Hollywood studio Dreamtime, Mukesh Assomull.