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adj. drea·ri·er, drea·ri·est
1. Dismal; bleak.
2. Boring; dull: dreary tasks.

[Middle English dreri, bloody, frightened, sad, from Old English drēorig, bloody, sad, from drēor, gore; see dhreu- in Indo-European roots.]

drea′ri·ly adv.
drea′ri·ness n.
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Adv.1.drearily - in a cheerless manner; "in August 1914 , there was a dismally sentimental little dinner, when the French, German, Austrian and Belgian members of the committee drank together to the peace of the future"
بصورة كَئيبَه
drungalega; leiîinlega
iç karartıcı bir şekilde


[ˈdrɪərɪli] adv (= depressingly)
a drearily familiar scenario → un scénario tristement familier


adv (+vb) → eintönig; saymonoton; staretrüb; (+adj) → trostlos; it rained drearily all dayes war trostlos, wie es den ganzen Tag regnete; it was drearily familiares war nur allzu vertraut


[ˈdrɪərɪlɪ] adv (dressed) → in modo deprimente; (speak) → in modo noioso


(ˈdriəri) adjective
1. gloomy. What dreary weather!
2. very dull. I've got to go to another dreary meeting tomorrow.
ˈdrearily adverb
ˈdreariness noun
References in classic literature ?
He gazed vaguely and mournfully about him, as if he missed something precious, and missed it the more drearily for not knowing precisely what it was.
They got scorched out by and by, and drearily set about getting breakfast.
I wished I had kept my candle burning: the night was drearily dark; my spirits were depressed.
Lorry; and through his absent manner of clasping his head and drearily wandering away into his own room when they got up-stairs, Mr.
The fear of losing Joe's confidence, and of thenceforth sitting in the chimney-corner at night staring drearily at my for ever lost companion and friend, tied up my tongue.
I am very low, Utterson," replied the doctor drearily, "very low.
And, indeed, even while I was unconscious a point seemed continually to remain in my memory unforgotten, and round it my dreams moved drearily.
A small procession of wounded men were go- ing drearily toward the rear.
He therefore did not hurry to the door; and the lash being soon applied, the travellers plunged into the Notch, still singing and laughing, though their music and mirth came back drearily from the heart of the mountain.
The month of December set in drearily, with rain in the valleys and snow upon the hills.
George sat down where the ground was dry, and drearily unlaced his boots.
In the silent country, when the trees and hedges loom dim and blurred against the rising night, and the bat's wing flutters in our face, and the land-rail's cry sounds drearily across the fields, the spell sinks deeper still into our hearts.