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also drei·dl  (drād′l)
A toy similar to a spinning top used in games of chance played by children and adults at Hanukkah.

[Yiddish dreydl, from dreyen, to turn, from Middle High German dræjen, from Old High German drāen.]


(Judaism) a four sided spinning top, played with chiefly by children during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah


art at dressmaker
(ˈdreɪd l)

n., pl. -dels, -del.
1. a four-sided top bearing Hebrew letters, used in a children's game traditionally played on Hanukkah.
2. the game itself.
[1925–30; < Yiddish dreydl=drey(en) to rotate, turn (< Middle High German dræ(je)n, dræhen; compare German. drehen) + -dl n. suffix]
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And while we're at it, what do enchanted dreidels or golem latkes have anything really to do with the festival of lights?
Theres also a dog decorated with a Star of David, a polar bear holding a dreidel, gift packages illuminated with blue and white lights, and a projected display of dreidels bouncing up and down.
In it, the snowman, voiced by Josh Gad, is on a quest to find the perfect holiday tradition for the sisters as he learns about Christmas trees, candy canes and dreidels.
A Guinness World Record for the most dreidels spinning at one time was set at the Boy Scouts of America's 2017 National Jamboree.
Dreidels on the Brain is a coming-of-age novel steeped in tradition and will appeal to anyone who has felt different and to those who believe--or want to believe--in miracles.
how it turns, turns like the game of dimes or dreidels,
Watercolour illustrations depict Hanukkah traditions being enjoyed by a young boy and girl--making dreidels, lighting the menorah and eating potato pancakes and jelly doughnuts all wrapped in the embrace of family love.
The celebration today generally involves giving gifts, spinning dreidels and eating latkes.
Prepare the Christmas lights, dreidels and mice bodies for fusible applique.
The cookies are in the shapes of menorahs and dreidels, and covered with sprinkles.
There are Hanukkah greeting cards, cookie cutters, and even tree ornaments shaped like the three symbols -- Stars of David, menorahs and dreidels -- that scream "Hanukkah
shtml for the meanings of the Hebrew words inscribed on dreidels.