dressed to kill

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Adj.1.dressed to kill - dressed in fancy or formal clothingdressed to kill - dressed in fancy or formal clothing
clad, clothed - wearing or provided with clothing; sometimes used in combination; "clothed and in his right mind"- Bible; "proud of her well-clothed family"; "nurses clad in white"; "white-clad nurses"
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Sticking to its original name, Dressed to Kill, the new exhibit opens this Saturday afternoon, April 2, at Domicillo Design Hotel in Tagaytay City, and will run until May 3.
Dellsperger has worked from Dressed to Kill twice before--notably in Body Double 15, 2001, also shown here.
Nuneaton's Queens Hall mark Halloween night with Kiss copyists Dressed to Kill and they're offering halfprice admission to any fans who turn up in appropriate make-up.
The runners up are PINCER MOVEMENT from S Moseley of Tamworth and DRESSED TO KILL from R Gaynor of Sutton Coldfield.
Out-of-Door Academy supporters had a happy landing with their first Extravaganza ever held at Dolphin Aviation, where the 007 "For Your Eyes Only" theme had ODA moms dressed to kill in their best Bond girl looks (think "Girl with a Golden Gun") while stirring martinis at the Moonraker Bar and raising the stakes at Casino Royale.
Jack Flanders and his crew find themselves unexpectedly cast as main characters dressed to kill or be killed, in this wry tongue-in-cheek sleuthing adventure.
Dressed To Kill has been ruled out of the same contest by trainer George Weaver, who told www.
Thank you for your article and fantastic pictures of actor, comic, and "action transvestite" Eddie Izzard ["Still Dressed to Kill," October 29].
To entice you even further, there's a free drink for everyone who makes the effort of coming dressed to kill.
The slasher films of the 1970s, from the low-budget women-in-danger flicks to such classier versions as Dressed to Kill and Looking for Mr.
If his past is any measure of his determination, Tucker will step up to the plate - dressed to kill - and get the job done.
There are no shocks in The Untouchablesto match the ones Brian De Palma has given us in his previous movies, none of those hallucinatory, cruelly extended moments of terror like the prom sequence in Carrie, the elevator murder in Dressed to Kill, the exploding of John Cassavetes at the end of The Fury, the chainsaw bloodbath in Scarface and just about everything in his perilously sustained paranoid masterpiece Blow Out.