drink away


w>drink away

vt sep fortunevertrinken; sorrowsim Alkohol ersäufen
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EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 Alcoholism is an ugly disease and even those in recovery are always just one drink away from spiralling back into addiction - as Phil Mitchell proves this week when he hits the bottle in a big way.
The bar and restaurant's new-look area will give guests the chance to eat and drink away from the busy atmosphere of the downstairs bar and will also be available for private hire for events of up to 130 people.
Mrs Knight said she poured her drink away when her husband wasn't looking.
New Mintel research shows that over half (56%) of consumers have consumed an alcoholic drink away from home in the past month, helping on-premise alcohol sales increase 5.
For a pre-match drink away supporters tend to gather at the Riverside (Station) Hotel, which as the name suggests is next to the river and the station.
The venue opened the Tudor Lounge a bar for patrons who wanted to have a drink away from the dance hall.
She said: "The key thing here is to just buy and cook the food that is needed: throwing food or drink away is bad for our wallets and the environment.
Launching yourself towards the bloke in accounts you've been cyber flirting with on the email may seem a wonderful idea at the time but beware, you're only a drink away from bursting into tears and sobbing "Why doeshn't anyone want to dansch with me?
Thet alk ofr acing MANY top sportsmen have joined the licensing trade only to drink away their profit, but we all know that will not be the case with teetotaller Tony McCoy, who has bought a share in The Outside Chance, a popular pub in Manton village near Marlborough in Wiltshire.
A pair of Cunard Yanks, Eddie and Vinnie, meet in a dockside bar in the Big Apple to drink away the afternoon before their ship sails, while across town Kazan is working on the screenplay for On The Waterfront.
As far as I'm aware, the city centre is a no alcohol zone as well, yet every day of the week around 20 or so down-and-outs sit in Millennium Place and drink away.