drink off


w>drink off

vt sepaustrinken, leeren; he drank off the wine in one long gulper trank den Wein in einem Zug aus
References in classic literature ?
He had the child before his eyes, on a hundred different days when he remembered George after dinner, when he used to come in as bold as a lord and drink off his glass by his father's side, at the head of the table--on the pony at Brighton, when he cleared the hedge and kept up with the huntsman--on the day when he was presented to the Prince Regent at the levee, when all Saint James's couldn't produce a finer young fellow.
He made up his mind, therefore, to let Theseus drink off the poisoned wine.
So now, Signor Giovanni, drink off your glass of lachryma.
I took the drink off him and poured it into a glass and spotted the insects.
One evening he found himself half-a-glass short of red wine so he topped his drink off with a generous vodka pour.
The Syntax: Physic Opera is a place for blue collar creatives, where the working artist and musician post-up, sit back, drink off their tap and eat from their gardens.
When questioned, Daord told investigators he didn't see it as interest but simply as "a good drink off them".
Police confiscated the drink off two girls and two boys, all aged between 14 and 16, who were found drinking in a park in Cramlington, Northumberland.
military personnel were ordered not to drink off base in December following a spate of incidents involving misconduct by U.
I'm expecting a drink off the big man - but obviously we'll be looking to win the game first.
She was just two when she went into a cardiac arrest after grabbing the hot drink off the kitchen counter, suffering burns from her head down to her hips.
Falling into the habit of attempting to drink off hangovers can be seen as one of the first signs that you are becoming dependent on alcohol.