drink up

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Verb1.drink up - drink to the last drop; "drink up--there's more wine coming"
drink, imbibe - take in liquids; "The patient must drink several liters each day"; "The children like to drink soda"
يَشْرَبُ كلَّ الكَأْس
drikke op
utolsó: az utolsó cseppig üríti
drekka í botn, klára úr glasinu
içip bitirmek

w>drink up

viaustrinken; drink up!trink aus!
vt sepaustrinken


(driŋk) past tense drank (draŋk) : past participle drunk (draŋk) verb
1. to swallow (a liquid). She drank a pint of water; He drank from a bottle.
2. to take alcoholic liquids, especially in too great a quantity.
1. (an act of drinking) a liquid suitable for swallowing. He had/took a drink of water; Lemonade is a refreshing drink.
2. (a glassful etc of) alcoholic liquor. He likes a drink when he returns home from work; Have we any drink in the house?
drink in
to take in eagerly. They listened eagerly, drinking in every detail.
drink to / drink (to) the health of
to offer good wishes to, or wish well, while drinking. to drink someone's health; Raise your glasses and drink to the bride and groom.
drink up
to finish by drinking. Drink up your milk!
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July 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Seeking to help make great-tasting drinking water available everywhere, Brita has announced a three year agreement with the Partnership for a Healthier America's Drink Up initiative to donate hundreds of filtered water stations to schools, community centers and organizations that currently lack access to filtered drinking water.
In addition to the product donation, Brita, an original Drink Up supporter, pledged to offer ongoing marketing and financial support to bolster PHA's efforts to encourage Americans to drink more water.
With holidaymakers already under pressure to remember all the important things before jetting off such as tickets, boarding cards and passports, many can be tempted to loosen their purse strings and splash out on food and drink up in the air.