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Made or designed to prevent dripping: dripless candles; a dripless paint roller.


having or producing no drips


(ˈdrɪp lɪs)

designed so that the substance, item, or contents will not drip.
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Adj.1.dripless - designed to prevent dripping; "a dripless faucet"; "dripless candles"
tight - of such close construction as to be impermeable; "a tight roof"; "warm in our tight little house"
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Use a dripless quick disconnect on the pressure line between the knapsack sprayer and the trailing boom for convenient separation of the worker from the boom to facilitate rest breaks and refilling operations.
The lightweight, ergonomically designed ETS guns relieve hand & finger stress while our dripless function cuts down on wasted product and time cleaning up the associated mess of run-on caulking.
The Vemag Dripless Valve Filling System is an ideal solution for depositing precise portions of product.
These reagent reservoirs are compatible with various pipettes and make their dripless pour-off sprouts ideal for labs looking to save money and reagent.
Beeswax candles are virtually dripless, smokeless, and burn very slowly (if properly cared for), while giving off a faint honey fragrance.
Devoted to bringing light to others, he had a unique hobby of candle making and he and Carol would often hand dip 600 dripless tapers in his tailor-made candle shop adjacent to their home.
com 6 The POURfect Beaker Set, available in 1-, 2- and 4-cup sizes, feature a flat edge dripless spout and gull wings with a channel to eliminate the risk of spilling.
Substantially dripless operation can be maintained.
Inventing a dripless candle is neither progressive nor transformational.
Higher-end graphics and striking photography, along with packaging enhancements such as dripless spouts, tear tabs, pull-top lids, shatterproof bottles, inner seals and resealable bags, can win over consumers.
But three days later, on Christmas Eve, I came home dripless and very happy.