drive along


w>drive along

vi (vehicle, person)dahinfahren
vt sep (wind, current) person, boat(voran)treiben
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Is it those who inadvertently exceed the speed limit by three or four mph, or those thoughtless idiots who drive along in poor visibility without lights?
The public road system is to be qualitatively improved already in 3-5 years, in order for citizens to be able to drive along good roads, claimed Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman while inspecting the state of road works in Dnipropetrovsk region.
The type that won't wait in a queue, just drive along on the wrong side of the road, and force their way in at the front.
Drive along the Binley Road from Brandon towards the city to where they reach the trac lights where there are two lanes going forward but which lter to only one lane for both lanes on the other side of the lights.
If vehicles drive along in a low gear, which they have to do at 20mph, they use more fuel, thus increasing, not decreasing, the amount of noxious fumes that they put into the atmosphere.
What alarms me is why parents are so negligent they allow young men to drive along our busy roads without crash helmets?
On a Sunday you can drive along beside a 24-hour bus lane and not see one for 10 miles.
Gannett Office Park, managed by Heritage Realty Services and owned by Heritage Realty Services' affiliate Dryland Gannett, LLC, is a three-building office development comprised of 2, 3 & 4 Gannett Drive along White Plains' Platinum Mile.
Duncan and other journalists were at the Birmingham factory yesterday to enjoy "MG: A New Journey" and a test drive along the roads of Warwickshire and Worcestershire in the latest addition to Britain's car manufacturing heritage.
Genteel people don't drive along in their pickup trucks and dump hazardous waste and disgusting old things in our streets.
For the first time in a year I drove along the coast road to Marske; a journey which heralds up the beauty of the seven miles of golden beach between Redcar and Saltburn as you drive along the North Riding coastline and onto the magnificent period Cliff House at the entrance to Marske.
A linear drive along the X axis provides traverse speeds of 3,937 ipm.