drive around

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: around - drive someone in a vehicle
drive - cause someone or something to move by driving; "She drove me to school every day"; "We drove the car to the garage" around - drive without any particular aim; "we were driving around in the countryside on a fine Sunday morning"
act - be engaged in an activity, often for no particular purpose other than pleasure
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Anthony Breslin, 18, admitted two motoring offences linked to his late -night drive around Derry on August 16.
It is simple now to drive around in a stolen car with false number plates because the car has been cloned, and someone somewhere is driving the legitimate motor, paying road tax and insurance, completely oblivious to at least one car or possibly more driving around Britain and they are the ones paying.
The chauffeur would drive around town with stops at popular Pokestops along the way, at $30 an hour and $20 for every succeeding hour.
Residents have to drive around to familiarize themselves with the new routes," he said.
I know they moan about not making enough money, but private hire operators think they can drive around willy nilly.
If that is not possible at present, can I request that the powers-that-be who decide such things might drive around the city from end to end for a full seven days and for as many hours in the 24 as they are able, to assess the necessity of lights all day every day?
11pm they offered free ice cream to anyone who walked in their shops and even had a tricycle carrying a fridge drive around Nicosia to reach out to even more people.
I intentionally drive around Bishkek in night time to see the lighting, this is why Nariman Tuleev does not attempt to deceive me," Kurmanbek Bakiev said.
The 'Back to Black' hitmaker, who is all set to move to North London, wants to learn driving and pass the driving test because she wants to drive around "a cute vintage car".
Now, to drive around the city centre is to be inspired by the scale of change, to be awe-struck by the Liverpool One development, by the towering apartment blocks, by the ECHO Arena.
There's not a million sheriff's deputies who drive around seeing everything,'' Knight said.
Most re-built written-off cars are in the pounds 3000 to pounds 6000 bracket, exactly the kinds of cars being used to drive around millions of families every day.