drive home

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: home - carry out or perform; "deliver an attack", "deliver a blow"; "The boxer drove home a solid left"
give - cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense; "She gave him a black eye"; "The draft gave me a cold"
land - deliver (a blow); "He landed several blows on his opponent's head" home - make clear by special emphasis and try to convince somebody of something; "drive home a point or an argument"; "I'm trying to drive home these basic ideas"
accent, accentuate, emphasize, stress, punctuate, emphasise - to stress, single out as important; "Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet"

w>drive home

vt sep naileinschlagen, einhämmern; argumenteinhämmern; she drove home her point that …sie legte eindringlich und überzeugend dar, dass …; how can I drive it home to him that it’s urgent?wie kann ich (es) ihm nur klarmachen, dass es dringend ist?
References in classic literature ?
There came three months of mental worry, hard rolling, remorse, and physical pain to drive home the lesson of insufficient experience.
With a sinking heart he watched Dolokhov's hands and thought, "Now then, make haste and let me have this card and I'll take my cap and drive home to supper with Denisov, Natasha, and Sonya, and will certainly never touch a card again.
Yulka forgot to give me back my comforter, and I had to drive home directly against the wind.
On market nights he used to stay very late at the inn, and then drive home at a gallop.
Rebecca said that half past five was their supper hour, and then accepted an invitation to drive home with Mrs.
May I drive home with you, at any rate, when you have finished?
with a view to making the said money) meant to hang about till they saw my lady drive home, and then to come back, and foretell Mr.
It appeared, when it was time to go home, that the man-servant was to ride the horse, and cousin Tom was to drive home his mother and Lucy.
Mr Garland has a coach waiting in a neighbouring street, and, taking Kit inside with him, bids the man drive home.
He would see you following his man, drive home ahead, and catch you by having the door left open in the way you describe.
Dinner was soon followed by tea and coffee, a ten miles' drive home allowed no waste of hours; and from the time of their sitting down to table, it was a quick succession of busy nothings till the carriage came to the door, and Mrs.
While Silas and Eppie were seated on the bank discoursing in the fleckered shade of the ash tree, Miss Priscilla Lammeter was resisting her sister's arguments, that it would be better to take tea at the Red House, and let her father have a long nap, than drive home to the Warrens so soon after dinner.