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Noun1.driving license - a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle
license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official permission to do something
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Islamabad police Chief Tahir Alam also One Window Hall set up there for driving license seekers and expressed his satisfaction over the whole procedure.
KARACHI -- People continue to throng to the Driving License office even on a Sunday which would normally be a holiday but in light of the Traffic Police's drive against unlicensed drivers the offices have started operating 7-days a week.
The international standard hall is equipped with modern facilities and the application for driving license will be processed on a single counter in just 2.
The supply of ambulances to the Zone Assistance Centre by - Lot 1: ambulances suitable for driving license;- Lot 2: ambulances suitable for driving license C.
THE Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of the UK is simplifying the driving license by removing the paper counterpart altogether from June 8 and retaining only the photo card.
The law stipulates that the ceiling of salary, entitling an expatriate to get a driving license, be raised to KD 600 a month and a qualified expat should have a valid two-year residency and a university degree, he said.
The notification said that a sub- rule would be inserted in the existing rules so that the driving licence issued for an e- rickshaw will not be valid for more than three years or till the validity of the driving license, whichever is earlier.
We found that the accused was involved in a similar traffic case earlier and that his driving license had been suspended by a court order.
com)-- Today, at the smart card industry event “Cartes and Secure Connexions” in Las Vegas, KEOLABS announced the selection of its certification laboratory and SCRIPTIS[TM] based testing solution by the French Agence Nationale des Titres Securises (ANTS) for conformance certification of the French electronic driving license under European Union directives and international ISO/IEC 18013 standards.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs have no information as to why Kosovo's driving license is not accepted in Macedonia and why it cannot be replaced with a Macedonian driving license.
Prosecutors accused the defendants -- four clerks, a receptionist and a worker -- of accepting bribes to neglect mandatory procedures including examining the original passports of individuals before filling out driving license applications.
According to traffic laws, a driver who collects 24 points on their driving licenses in a single Hijri year would have his driving license initially withdrawn for three months.