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a. dromotrópico-a, que afecta la conductividad de una fibra muscular o nerviosa.
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High doses of cardiotoxic glycosides cause a substantial decrease in conduction rate, called negative dromotropic effect, resulting in severe atrium-ventricular dissociation, with consequent first-, second-, and third-degree blockade.
This combination new protocol provides the opportunity to improve image quality and reduce the negative chronotropic and dromotropic effects of adenosine.
Both produce negative chronotropic, negative bathmotropic and negative dromotropic effect on the heart.
Dai and Xu reported that the effects of an ethanol extract of the plant Sophora flavescens Ait possessed antiarrhythmic activity which mechanisms maybe related with a dose dependant negative chronotropic, negative automatotropic and negative dromotropic effect (Dai et al.
This leads to a decreased heart rate (negative chronotropic effect) and slowed AV-node conduction (negative dromotropic effect) (Ehle et al.