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drone 1

1. A male bee, especially a honeybee, that is characteristically stingless, performs no work, and produces no honey. Its only function is to mate with the queen bee.
2. An idle person who lives off others; a loafer.
3. A person who does tedious or menial work; a drudge: "undervalued drones who labored in obscurity" (Caroline Bates).
4. A remotely controlled or autonomous aircraft with no pilot on board. Also called unmanned aircraft system.

[Middle English, from Old English drān. Sense 4, originally 1930s US naval jargon introduced by Commander (later Rear Admiral) Delmer Fahrney (1898-1984), in reference to the fact that such pilotless aircraft, at first used for target practice, were controlled by an operator on the ground or in a mother ship or aircraft, likened to a queen bee.]

drone 2

v. droned, dron·ing, drones
1. To make a continuous low dull humming sound: "Somewhere an electric fan droned without end" (William Styron).
2. To speak in a monotonous tone: The lecturer droned on for hours.
3. To pass or act in a monotonous way.
To utter in a monotonous low tone: "The mosquitoes droned their angry chant" (W. Somerset Maugham).
1. A continuous low humming or buzzing sound.
2. Music
a. Any of the pipes of a bagpipe that lack finger holes and produce a single tone.
b. A long sustained tone.
c. Any of various instruments that produce only a constant pitch.

[From drone (from the bee's humming sound).]
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Noun1.droning - an unchanging intonation
intonation, pitch contour, modulation - rise and fall of the voice pitch


1. humming, buzzing, vibrating, purring, whirring, thrumming the droning of a plane overhead
2. monotonous, boring, tedious, drawling, soporific the minister's relentlessly droning voice
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Then turn to Alan Shearer, droningly dispensing banalities, offering no insight at all, or Alan Green, hysterically hyperventilating over every near miss or misguided appeal for a penalty.
Insinuating their voices are so droningly dull they could put insomniacs to sleep when they start complaining about their problems is another favourite put down.
Yet the spare, stranded loneliness of Welch's voice and basic musical philosophy remains as droningly mesmerizing as ever.